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Being At The Top Of Your Game

As I write to you from my turret tower, my friend Carrie sitting on the floor with my dog Lola, I gaze out my window at my farm…

Wait, there’s no farm. Pardon me, I’m a bit punchy. I lapsed into Christmas in Connecticut.

I finishing a rewrite, How To Catch A Prince. It’s been a little over a month now. I know some people, who shall be nameless, Susan May Warren, write whole books from scratch in that amount of time, but I am not such a writer.

I’m getting fast but I’m like to mull. Chew. Think. I’m the kind of person who comes up with a fabulous retort or brilliant response to a conversation three days later.

But then no one cares to hear my amazing insight.

I process. Or iProcess. Whichever. I am a Macophile.


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Rachel Hauck

The Great Debate! Story vs Structure

So, here we are, Susie May and me, after the Christy Awards sitting in the Marriott Hotel with greats Ted Dekker and Steven James, fellow Christy Award nominees.

(Congratulations to Susie for her second Christy win! And to Ted!)

Among our company that night was Ted’s daughter, who is also a new, contracted author with Tyndale.

As talk goes among writers, we edged our way to talking craft. Steven James just came out with a book Story Trumps Structure.

I get what he’s saying. Books are about stories, people doing amazing things.

No one ever came up to me and said, “Rachel, I just thought of a great structure!”

All writers are dreamers of story.

But James contends too many writers get wrapped around the axel on structure and forget about story.

As you know, here at MBT, we are all about BOTH.

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Yet Another Tip On How to Write A Great Novel

It’s throwback Thursday. I’m out of town and thought I’d blog a blast from the past.

Do you ever weary of all the do’s and don’ts of writing a novel? I do. Sometimes I get so bogged down with the “rules” and guidelines I end up writing something that doesn’t work.

But in the end, it all forms together to create the novel I do end up sending to my editor. Nothing written for a novel is never wasted.

Every word becomes a layer and texture of the ultimate story.

On my latest novel, I learned a valuable lesson. Reading. Shocker, right? Y’all are rolling your eyes, moaning, “Gee whiz, Rachel, and you have fifteen novels published!? Where’s the justice?”

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The Importance of the Story Hook

A writer I’m mentoring sent me an email from an agent who read her piece as a result of a contest.

She loved the author’s writing and story telling but her story lacked a unique hook.

“What makes your story of a sports playing hero different from all the other sports playing heroes out there?”

The agent mentioned several ABA authors who wrote sports books similar to my friend’s. She also reminded the author that an agent or editor will see dozens of books “mimicking” those sports hero books so a book really has to stand out. It must have a different hook.

This hook is used in marketing, getting the book past the booksellers and onto the shelves. It’s used with the media to get the book some publicity.

The HOOK is what makes your every-day-story unique.

Okay, so let’s say you’re writing about a football player. What can you do to make him different?

After the NFL draft where the first openly gay player was drafted, the secular market will have books with that hook releases — if they haven’t already.

It’s not a topic readily accepted in the CBA, so you might not want to be so controversial.

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