The 2014 Frasier Contest is officially CLOSED to entries.  See you next year!

We, at My Book Therapy, believe in the power of feedback to help a writers grow in their writing craft! And one of the best ways to get unbiased feedback is to enter a contest. Agents and editors agree that writing contests are the perfect way to:

1. Get feedback from professionals on your manuscript and

2. Start a buzz for your work among the gatekeepers.

However, it’s not enough, sometimes, just to get a contest entry back…how do you take the feedback and go to the next level? Our vision is to help authors become PUBLISHED authors…..
Which is why we’ve designed the “Frasier” writing contest for unpublished member of the My Book Therapy Voices…with a grand prize that is more than a certificate or a plaque…it’s a TICKET. Or rather, a SCHOLARSHIP to one of the My Book Therapy’s intimate yet intensive writing retreats.

A $500 value.

A great story is comprised of the same elements – a great hook, storyworld, a compelling inciting incident, a sympathetic characters, stakes that matter and a strong voice. The Frasier is designed to pick out the best of the best – no categories, just storytelling. Using the elements of a great book that we’ve blogged about at MBT over the past few years, the Frasier award will go to the story, regardless of genre, that best captures the reader.

The winner of the Frasier will receive his or her choice of a FREE MBT Retreat, be featured on the MBT blog, as well as receive writing feedback from published authors/judges from the industry. Finally, the final entries will be judged by a literary agent tba, the perfect way to get your work in front of a literary agent.

The winner will be announced at the annual MBT Pizza Party (at the 2014 ACFW Conference)

And, only members of the MBT Voices (Free and/or Premium Members) are eligible to enter. (Join the FREE Basic/Bleachers level at:

What’s the cost? $40 per entry

Who is eligible? The MBT Frasier contest is open to Voices members unpublished in adult or young adult fiction in the last seven years (that means nothing in print, over 20K by publishers, both tradition or electronic who pay advances, royalties, or offering subsidy contracts), or contracted authors as of March 31, 2014. NON-Fiction authors are eligible if they haven’t published any fiction works. Self-published authors are also eligible; however, they may not enter any manuscript that has been self-published and offered for sale.
Judges: First round judges are current therapists with My Book Therapy and/or currently published authors. They will judge the ms based on the elements taught by My Book Therapy (See FAQ: score-sheets), on a number/rating basis; each ms will be judged twice, by different judges. The top ten percent of entrants will then be sent to the second round judges, and judged on hook, craft and voice. Entries will be judged, but not edited. All entries are anonymous to the judges. Entrants will receive feedback on the judging feedback form – line edit feedback is optional.

Finalists as announced on the MBT Blog on June 1st.

The final 5 entries will be judged by Susan May Warren, award-winning author, Amanda Luedke, literary agent with MacGregor Literary, and Becky Philpott, Acquisitions Editor with Zondervan.


This is an all-email contest. No hard copies will be accepted (and will not be returned). All contest entries and fees must be received by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on March 31. If any entry and/or fees are received after March 31st entrant will be notified of disqualification and fees will be returned.

Submission Details:

***You are allowed to submit up to three entries, but you must go through the submission process for each one.***

Step 1: Format your Manuscript:

In ONE manuscript, compile a 500 word synopsis (single spaced), and your opening scene up to 1500 words (double spaced). NO MORE, or your entry will be disqualified and your fee forfeited.

Format your MS with 1-inch margins, using Times New Roman type, 12 pt. font. Save as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf.

***Please remove any reference to your name/identity in the header.  TITLE of MS only in the header.***

Step 2:  Simply Click on the ENTER THE FRASIER button below and it will take you to the MBT Store/Frasier Entry page.  On this page, you will add your title name, and upload your entry and your picture.   (required).   Simply add to cart and checkout!  You’ll receive a receipt which will serve as your confirmation of submission as well.   (PS. you do NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay – you can use a credit/debit card. Simply pay as a guest.)


Enter the Frasier by Clicking HERE!


Should you have any questions about this process, please email:

NOTE: Because we have CBA professionals judging these books, CBA standards apply. (IOW: No erotica or manuscripts with questionable language will be accepted.)

Frasier FAQs

Elements included on the scoring:

The Frasier will be judged on the elements of a great story, as taught at My Book Therapy.

First Round Judging will look at: The first chapter elements:: Stakes, Hero and Heroine Identification, Storyworld, use of Backstory, Inciting Incident and Story Problem
Second Round Judging will look at the advanced elements of craft: Dialogue, Emotional layering in a scene and Voice
Third Round Judging will be readability and overall storytelling. This is subjective, of course, but so are all books. It’s a taste of real world.

Good luck and thank you for entering the Frasier Contest! See you in September at the award’s ceremony!

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