What is Book Therapy?

Are you ready to take your book to the next level?

You can be a published author…We know you can do it ….Let us help!

Frustrated? Confused? …Dreaming of the day when an editor calls and says, “I MUST publish your book?”

Don’t laugh — it could happen, it does happen, all the time, and you could be next!

What’s holding you back? Flat characters? A Saggy plot? Lackluster writing?

Let the Book Therapists help.

We believe that deep inside every troubled story lies a deep-seated problem. But it’s not beyond hope…

Your book simply needs therapy.

In Book Therapy you are guided through the elements of a book, learning one-on-one with someone who has crafted words (sometimes misbehaving words!) into successful stories and suffered through the process of bringing fiction to life. You’re going to get “tools” from book therapy, questions to ask yourself or your characters, exercises to help yourself grow as a writer and storyteller. You will walk away as your own book therapist, armed with the ability to talk a book off the ledge and onto the shelf.

Because we think a synopsis and book chapters go hand in hand, we don’t separate them out when we do Book Therapy. We look at the entire proposal, from the ideas, the marketability and the story arc to the characters and pacing and even word craft. In short, a Book Therapy session is comprehensive. We do deep “musculoskeletal” therapy for a whole book proposal using our top secret Deep Therapy methods.

Here’s what you receive in a Book Therapy Session:

Synopsis overview & evaluation

You’ll receive a summary of the
story’s strengths and suggestions for improvement. Specifically, I’ll address:

  • Plot and story arc
  • Characterization
  • Story threads, pacing
  • Premise, believability
  • Inciting Incident
  • External & Internal gmc
  • Black Moment/ Epiphany
  • Secondary plots
  • Overall marketability


Manuscript & Craft evaluation

You’ll receive your MS back, fully annotated with comments, suggestions, additions and deletions (and explanations for each) using the Microsoft Office Track Changes function. Specifically, I’ll comment on:

  • Hook
  • Dialogue
  • Scene crafting & flow
  • Character layers
  • Conflict
  • Setting and senses
  • Tension
  • Verb choices
  • Point of View (POV)
  • Showing vs. telling problems


One hour of personal, one-on-one coaching

After you read the synopsis evaluation and the manuscript/craft evaluation, you’re going to chat for an hour —on the phone or via IM— with your therapist about your story and where to go from here. You’ll talk about your book, we’ll brainstorm, and if you need it, and we’ll help you figure out how to get past a writer’s block.

This is where it gets personal. We want you to know how to take our suggestions and incorporate them, and we want you to walk away encouraged and empowered to write your breathtaking work of fiction.

Why should I trust you?

Our team:
Susan May Warren
Rachel Hauck


What’s this going to cost me?

“Sounds great, Suz, but I don’t have a grand to drop on my yet-to-be published work of fiction. Am I going to have to take on a part-time job to afford my dream? ”

Let’s take a look:

What Others Charge:

evaluation runs $100…(low est.)$120

evaluation (50 pages)…$400

usually run $150+ an hour…………………$150

OUCH! $670

One Book Therapy Session includes:

1 Book Synopsis Overview & Evaluation
(up to 5 single space pages)

3 Chapters of Manuscript & Craft Evaluation. (Chapters should be no more than 3000 words each)

1 hour personal book therapy coaching session


That’s it. No more. No less. And I promise that when we’re done, we will have worked out the kinks and set you on a path to success.

So, grab a cup of a coffee (no chocolate chips necessary) and let’s talk!

Book Therapy Submission Guidelines

Email us at: info@mybooktherapy.com before sending anything. Tell us your story’s history, the genre, a brief plot overview, proposed word count and a sample paragraph. We will respond within 48 hours as to our availability and whether or not we can help you.

If we can work together, I’ll send you a contract and a short in-take questionnaire (yeah, I know, it sounds like forms in a doctor’s office, but remember BOOK THERAPY). When you fill those out, send them back to me with your synopsis and sample chapters attached (in separate MS Word files).

MS guidelines: Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced, 1 inch margins.

Let us help you Discover the Writer in You!


Susan May Warren is more than a friend. She truly has been a life saver or more aptly stated, a “plot-saver” for me over the seven years we’ve been critique partners. I have sung her praises more than once in casual conversations and interviews, but to have the chance to endorse this new business is truly my honor and I do so whole heartedly. Anyone and I do mean ANYONE willing to put the kind of work and detail into a manuscript that Susan puts into her own books, will take your writing to a new level that will surprise and delight you. Learning her secrets has been priceless for me. Do it! You won’t be disappointed. ~ Tracey Bateman, Author of over 30 Inspirational novels, www.traceybateman.com

Susan takes a difficult process and simplifies it in a way writers at any level will be able to comprehend. ~Sandra D. Moore, American Christian Fiction Writer’s MidAtlantic Zone Director

Susan’s “everywoman” teaching style, takes the novice to experienced writer into a deeper understanding of their story. Her practical tools assisted me in working through a character problem I didn’t realize was there. The character now resonates with realism and gives more dimension to the whole story. Thanks, Susan! ~Terri Gillespie, Member, American Christian Fiction Writers

Susan’s teaching technique is fun and fresh! Her open and honest way of communicating writing skills is highly effective. Writers of all experience levels will benefit from her creative examples of characterization and plot.” ~Betsy Ann St. Amant, Author

Susan Warren offers a practical method of teaching that really sticks in your head. I went to a writers conference and heard many well-known, published authors, but what Susan taught I brought home to my writing. ~Therese Stenzel, Member, American Christian Fiction Writers

Today, I learned more about writing than I thought possible! Your insights taught me WHY. I loved, loved, loved the suggestions you made and the positive way you voiced them! ~Lee from Florida

Rachel Hauck’s solid advice on what wasn’t working in my wip was exactly what I needed to push over the bump I’d been stuck on, and move me forward. ~Linda Mae Baldwin, author

Rachel delivers a strong edit based on her extensive knowledge of story and flow. She offers suggestions to build a stronger storyworld and characters, while showing how to keep the pace of the manuscript strong. If the devil is in the details, then Rachel is your woman. ~Sandra Moore

Rachel Hauck has provided the best critique I’ve ever had. Her suggestions helped my storyline improve immeasurably and generated tremendous growth in me as a writer. ~Dina Nickerson







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