Want Quick Feedback?

Sometimes you just want another opinion. 

Is the story premise strong, sellable, catchy?  Are you off to a strong start?  Maybe you just need a little encouragement.

We can help.

MBT offers Quick Feedback on your premise and wordsmithing via our Quick Stats Critique.

What we do:

We look at your premise (up to 100 words), your synopsis (up to 500 words), and your first 12-16 pages (4000 words maximum) to see if you’re off to the right start.

Once we receive your submission, we take 10 -14 days to respond with:  A one-page letter highlighting the strengths, areas to improve, evaluation of overall marketability and suggestions for your writing journey.  We will also return your submission embedded with comments on how to apply these suggestions.  *We do not line edit!* We may do minor corrections, but MBT’s goal is to teach you to write own novel. Your Quick Stats Critique will arm you with the stats you need to bring your A game to your writing.

Cost:  $125

To Get Quick Feedback:

1. Format your submission:

In the same document, in 12 pt. Times New Roman, include:

100 word premise (similar to the back jacket blurb).  Include the characters, stakes and dramatic question.

500 word synopsis or story summary, single spaced.

4000 word excerpt (12-16 pages) of the first chapter (do not send the prologue), double spaced.

2. Submit your submission via the MBT Book Store.

We look forward to giving you the Quick Stats you need to assist you on your Journey!



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