What Is The Best Place To Find Craft/Critique Partners?

Are you busy working through MBTWRIMO?

Pretty soon you will have a first draft. Where will you go from there?  Where do you find someone who can understand writing and all the necessary components to make a great story?

We’ve tackled that question today.

I’m back with my absolute favorite editors, Edie Melson and Beth K. Vogt.

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If it’s easier for you to read, read on!

Where do you find craft/critique partners and what’s the difference?

(EM) The best place to find a craft/critique partner is within a writing community where you already feel comfortable. Whether you meet somebody at the ACFW conference or connect at a MBT chat or at a retreat. You want to look for somebody who has the same foundational views as you do.

(BKV) I agree. You have to know you have an affinity with a writer before you can connect as critique/craft partners. The other thing I recommend is give it a trial run.  Usually six to eight weeks and then if its not working you don’t have to necessarily say why it’s not working. You don’t have to say, “I don’t like you.” You say, this isn’t working—no harm, no foul.  You can say, we did it for eight weeks and we are going to try another way. I always think its good to give it a trial period.

(AAT) That’s a great idea. I’ve never thought about it like that. I hate to hurt anybody’s feelings. Writing is such a sensitive issue to most of us –like giving birth to child. I‘ve done that and I know what that feels like and I know you do too.

(AAT) Beth – Where do you look for a partner?

(BKV) As Edie mentioned–at conferences. That’s one of the reasons I think conferences are so valuable because you connect with people. You can build those relationships on-line, connect through emails and online groups. Skyping is a wonderful way to build relationships too. You can start a relationship at a conference and then just build it.  Then say, hey, I’ve been looking for a craft partner, what about giving it a try?  I actually had one of my best critique partner’s start like a blind date. I heard she was starting a critique group through another writer. We met at a local restaurant and sat and talked for a couple of hours and gave it a try. It ended up being a great thing. We had a real affinity for one another. A lot of people came and went and we stayed in that critique group for over a decade.

Thank you Beth and Edie!

Where have you found a craft/critique partner? How did you build into a good working relationship?

P.S. We’ll be back next month with another question and answer session.  Until then, feel free to access the prior question and answer sessions in our archives, “Is Editing Ever A Bad Thing ? and “What’s Wrong With My Manuscript?” Hope these come in handy as you wrap up your MBTWRIMO project and start editing your bestseller!


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