Are you serious about getting published?

Then we’re serious about helping you get there.

Listen, we know how hard it is to get published. You labor for months, even years, only to be rejected – and you’re not sure why. What to do next? Don’t give up!

We want to help. We’ve trudged the road you’re on and we know how to come alongside and give you the help you need to finish the journey.

My name is Susan May Warren. I’m the award-winning, best-selling novelist of over 40 books and I founded My Book Therapy to help novelists get published. And stay published.


What do you get at MBT?

  • A Publishing Roadmap.
  • Lessons on Writing for Beginner to Advanced writers.
  • A team of Mentors, waiting to answer your questions.

 Click HERE for more information and join over 1500 writers who’ve chosen MBT to partner with them on their publishing journey.

It’s time to get serious about your publishing goals.

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